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Throughout the province of Granada there are countless festivals that spring from the cultural treasure trove of local customs. The most significant ones are:


* Mosto Festival. Held in January in the town of Cónchar. From 12 noon, free mosto,(young wine), and “remojón conchúo” is offered to everyone. All you have to buy, is the ceramic glass that you can keep as a souvenir of a memorable day.



* Marranillo of San Antón Festival. This takes place in January. In Torvizcón it is a tradition that for several months before hand, a pig with a red bow tied around its neck walks loose through the streets. All residents are required to feed it so that  it can get really fat by Saint Antony’s day. Then comes the burning of typical ‘Chiscos’ or fires on which the neighbours cook pieces of bacon and roast pig heads in the saint’s honour. It has been declared of National Tourist Interest.

* Holy-week. This is a very important religious time when all the brotherhoods parade their religious images throughout Granada.

  • Granada Feria, the Tarascan and the Procession of Corpus Christi. This is Granada’s greatest festival, organized around the day of Corpus Christi, the day that the whole town crowds the streets to watch the Corpus Christi procession, accompanied by the Tarascan, the stilt-walkers and the Big-heads. A full range of cultural events, especially bullfighting, share time with carefully, decorated ‘casetas’(tents), and thrilling fair rides.




  • Water Festival. Held in Lanjarón in the last week of June. The elemental forces, (Air, Fire, Earth and Water,) increase on the magical night of San Juan. While most opt for fire, burning "puppets" or "candles" in Lanjarón they choose water for this celebration. All the people "go for a bath" in the famous ferrous waters of Lanjarón. Every party has its delicacies and, in this case there are mountain hams, "Jayuya" (Arabic sweets) and wine.



  • Our Lady of Carmen Festival. Held in Motril on the 16th of July with fireworks and a boat procession. It is very similar to the festival of Our Lady of Antigua, held in Almuñecar on the 15th of August.



* The Parva Festival. This is celebrated on the 4th of August at the end of the harvest season in the small town of Pórtugos. Music and dance flow through the streets of the town and everyone is invited to ‘parva soup’, white gazpacho and wine and the naughty lyrics of couplets sung in a beautiful spectacle.

* The Pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Snows to what is without doubt, the highest sanctuary in the Peninsula, at 3,482 mts, at the top of Mulhacen. This procession starts in Trevélez, a charming village in the Alpujarras that is the highest in Europe and reaches the summit. It’s held on the 5th of August.

*Moors and Christians Festival. This unique festival stands out amongst all the folk events in the region of Sierra Nevada. Theatrical performances, representing the struggle of Christianity against the Half Moon or the "enemies of the Faith”, called fiestas de Moros y Cristianos, vary in dialogue, number of characters, place and manner of representation, etc. The vast majority are held during the month of August during the local patron holidays of each town.
*Saint Luis Festival. Celebrations in honour of Saint Luis, King of France, in which a representation of Moors and Christian romances transmitted from fathers to sons is represented along with a procession with a parade of mules and horses harnessed in the regional style. This celebration is from the 24th to the 26th of August in Albondón.

*The Burial of the fox. Celebrated in Ferreirola, where the tradition of the festival has its deepest roots. It takes place during the festivities of the Holy Cross, the third weekend of August. Formerly, the boys of the town went into the mountains to hunt a fox and publicly bury it to mark the end of the festivities. Currently, the animal has been replaced by a cardboard doll stuffed with straw, with flares and rockets which is eventually burnt.


* Cascamorras Festival. Each year, the "Cascamorras" leaves Guadix towards Baza, to try to recover the image of Our Lady of Pity, because it was an Accitano, Juan Pedernal, who discovered it after the Christian conquest of Granada. But the Bastetanos are not willing to give the image back and shoo the "Cascamorras" away with cardboard packing. Given his failure, on his return to Guadix he is very badly received. At the end of the party they carry him in victory because at least he has tried. The fact is that the party is an unusual show of colour, (and not just because the Cascamorras goes dressed as a harlequin), but because both towns are heavily involved. The celebration is held from the 1st to the 5th and from the 6th to the 15th of September in Guadix and Baza respectively.


  • Wine Fountain. During the festivity of ‘Cristo de la Salud’ in Cádiar a fountain with two taps is installed, one of which flows with free wine and doesn’t stop flowing until the end of the festivities.







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