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The great cliffs created by the rivers of this Natural Park make it a great environment to practice Canyoning. One of the most enjoyable places for this kind of adventure is ‘el Río Verde’, (the Green River), from where you can enjoy incredible views of the Almijara Mountains. In these mountains one feels surrounded by the natural scenery of high peaks with great mountain traditions and the urge to climb to the top of some of the highest peaks in the county, like the Tejada peak.

The town of Nerja counts on more than a dozen beaches, that’s why it’s one of the towns with the greatest variety of beaches on the ‘Costa del Sol’. Isolated beaches, semi-urban beaches and urban beaches and on each and every one of them you can enjoy all sorts of activities and services.


  • Climbing and Abseiling.
  • Abseiling.
  • Horse Riding.
  • 4x4 driving.
  • Archery.
  • Paragliding.
  • Canyoning.


You can also enjoy aquatic and subaquatic activities very near the Natural Park. In the Bermejales dam located in the deep cut canyons of Arenas del Rey you can practice sports such as sailing and canoeing. On the other hand the beauty of the seabed of the Mediterranean Sea make it an unique place to practice scuba diving.
It is also possible to go windsurfing in all the Axarqueña beaches.

  • Sailing.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Canoeing.



A large variety of paths give you the chance to discover the natural richness and the culture of the Park while you enjoy a hike. Of all these paths we specially recommend the ‘Frigiliana-Fuente del Esparto’ with impressive cliffs or the ‘Raspón de los Moriscos’, with spectacular views.


 *The Green River Trail. It’s located in Otivar. This trail takes us on route down from the mid-mountain terrain of the far east of the ‘Sierra de la Almijara’, until we reach most attractive streams and Karst canyons in Andalucía that make up the birthplace of the river ‘Rio Verde’. During the tour we can enjoy spectacular views of the Massif de La Almijara, which contains a large population of mountain goats and is a precious gene pool due to the large number of endemic plants which it possesses. It’s 7 kms long approximately and it is of medium difficulty.

Sendero Río Verde,Ótivar.

*The Green River Canyon Trail. The trail starts in the ‘Collado de los Chortales’, kilometer 28.7, of the Granada-Otívar-Almuñécar road, starting in Granada. The Green River canyon itself is what the locals call ‘el barranco de las chorreras’ (the gorge of the frills). Here the water flow is very strong. This is combined with the narrowing of the path where the rocky walls on both sides almost touch. These factors, generate one of the best examples of white water in the country and certainly the most unique in Andalucía, leading to an attraction for canyoning, which is in demand by athletes all over our country.
 Cañon Río Verde, Ótivar.

  • Hill of the Vulture Trail. Four miles from Castril in ‘Pozo Alcon’ direction we find the beginning of the path. This trail will crown one of the highest levels of the park, the Vulture Peak at 2,020 m. The uniqueness of this peak and the landscapes that can be seen from the summit amply justify its ascent. The tour will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the high mountain pine forests and the broom and brush of the summit, often endemic and unique to these Sub-Betic mountains. It’s 8 km long, and it is  of average difficulty.

*Cimbing to heaven’s Peak Trail. This trail can be started from different starting points from the town of Nerja. The easiest way is to start from the entrance to the Caves of Nerja. It’s 10 kms long, and is of high difficulty.

* Factory of Light of the Competa mountain crossing Trail. Motorized access is possible until the ‘Fábrica de la luz’ (Factory of Light), in Canillas de Albaida, you can get there from the village. It’s 5 kms long and it is of medium difficulty.

* Scrape of the Moriscos Trail. This trail will take us up to one of the most iconic peaks of the park, known as ‘Pico del Lucero’ (The Peak of  the light) or ‘Raspón de los Moriscos’(Scrape of the Moors). This route is one of the most traditional mountaineering trails in the area as it has an almost alpine itinerary offering spectacular views to the summit. Access to the starting point of the route is from Alhama. Its’ 3 kms long and it is of high difficulty.

* Casa de la Mina Pradillos Trail. This 8 km route can be started from Cómpeta in three different points that meet in the ‘Collado de vuelta grande’, where they meet with de ‘Gaviarra’ one, the oldest, and the ‘Collado’ and ‘Casa de la Mina’ ones. You can see Red Juan’s Gorge, the Green Hill and the Atalaya (Watchtower).It’s 5 kms long and it is of low difficulty.

* The Oak Grove Trail. La Maroma. The ascent to the peak of ‘La Maroma’ by its north face is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring paths in the Natural Park "Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama" and one of the best known to mountaineers and hikers. At 2,065 m above sea level, this peak belongs to the Sierra Tejeda and reaches the maximum height of this protected natural area, located on the western side of it. It’s 8 km long and it is of high difficulty. We can access it from ‘El Robledal’ (the Oak Grove).

* Climb to the Lopera Peak Trail. This trail is located in the Sierra de La Almijara. It allows us in a short distance, with low difficulty accessible to anyone, to see much of the South Park area and the dramatic line of peaks that form the backbone of it. The starting point of this path is in the so-called ‘Suspiro del Moro’ (Sigh of the Moor) about 500 metres after the Inn of Los Prados de Lopera in the km 28 of the Granada-Almunecar road. The proposed route provides great views of the Granada area of the Natural Park along the way. It`s 2 kms long and it is of low difficulty.

* Frigiliana Trail. Fuente del Esparto. This tour begins in the beautiful village of Frigiliana. Once at the village, it’s easier to find the building called ‘el ingenio’ a landmark of the town’s industrial history. Nearby is the barracks of the Guardia Civil, the trail starts from the barrack’s right hand side. It’s 5 kms long and it is of medium difficulty.












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