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The variety of climates and thus vegetation and fauna is mentioned in the  Decree 145/1999,  that approved the Natural Resources Management Plan . It draws on a study reporting annual rainfall ranging between 400 mm in Cacín, Almuñécar or Nerja to 1000 mm in Arenas del Rey, Alcaucín or Alfarnate, the months of December, January and March being the wettest, and July the driest. As for temperatures there are three zones. The first of marine influence, which includes not only Nerja and Almuñecar but also towns such as Frigiliana, Competa, Canillas and Otívar, where temperatures can range between 4 and 30ºC. The second area is the typical local mountain climate with temperatures ranging from zero to 22ºC, and the third area corresponds to the Lands of Alhama which can vary between -3.1 to 40ºC in summer.

In La Anarquia the weather we enjoy is basically Mediterranean, mild winters and hot summers, with occasional torrential rains, which coincide with the equinoxes. The uniqueness of the climate of this region to the east of the province of Malaga is provided by its geographical location. Protected from cold north winds by the Sierra de Alhama, Tejeda and Almijara, its sub-tropical latitude is one of the fundamental reasons for its enjoying 3,000 hours of sunshine a year.

The Mediterranean influence on the temperature makes it not too variable, both sweet and salt water are welcoming throughout the year. Axarquia rises from sea level in the south to reach peaks of 2,000 meters in the north.

There are three types of weather, although there is little variation between them. The coastal area between Malaga and Nerja enjoys an exceptional climate with an average temperature of 10 ºC in January and 25 º C in August. In the inland valleys, the climate is different, the winters are colder and the summers are hotter. Villages that are above 900 m have colder winters and their summers are a little less warm than on the coast.





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